Bachelor of Oral Health (Degree with Honours)

Course overview

  • 1 year full time
  • On Campus (Parkville)
  • Available to domestic and international students
  • Start Year Intake - February and Mid Year Intake - July


The Melbourne Dental School offers the Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH). This is a professional entry- level undergraduate degree providing graduates with qualifications registrable for practice as oral health therapists. The Bachelor of Oral Health (Degree with Honours) offers a research by higher degree pathway for this undergraduate degree.

The School offers a multidisciplinary environment so if you have a Bachelor of Oral Health (BOH) or equivalent with a major in one of the following disciplines you are encouraged to apply:

  • Dental therapy
  • Dental hygiene
  • Oral health therapy
  • Health promotion/public health

Honours students are located in the Melbourne Dental School. Depending on your research project, you could be learning advanced techniques in:

  • Clinical and preventive oral health research and evaluation
  • Health promotion program development and evaluation
  • Public health and epidemiology
  • Oral health workforce description and evaluation
  • Oral health therapy practice and discipline research
  • Oral Health Professional education
  • Health education and Behavioural sciences
  • Dental public policy research

How will Honours help you?

Investing in the additional year at University required to complete Honours gives you the opportunity to draw together your early years of study and add significant value to your resume. Honours is very different from earlier undergraduate years, allowing and requiring a greater degree of independence and flexibility that will help you develop the maturity and skills for transition to employment in a range of occupations and industries or graduate research.

See the current list of Oral Health Research Projects for more details.