Bachelor of Oral Health (Degree with Honours)

The experience


As a Bachelor of Oral Health student, you will be driven by a passion to help improve the quality of life for those experiencing dental related issues. Find satisfaction in improving people’s oral health, both at an individual and community level, during your studies in this uniquely designed degree.

Enjoy the benefits of being a graduate of the top ranked dental school in Australia. The University of Melbourne’s high intake standards means you will be among an elite few to benefit from the school’s unparalleled teachers, high-tech equipment and ongoing relationships with industry.

Support from a small but motivated group of peers will steer you to further develop your skills in this rewarding area of healthcare.

The day-to-day experience

A typical day in clinic for an oral health therapist includes check-ups, dental x-rays, scaling teeth, fillings and, very importantly, educating children and adults about good oral health habits and how to prevent dental diseases.

You might work in a public or a private dental clinic, an orthodontic practice, a periodontic practice, in an aged care facility, in special-needs dentistry, in a hospital setting, in health promotion and in many other clinical or non-clinical settings.

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