What will I study?


You will leave this major with a deep understanding of the role of animal health in maintaining the health of human populations, wildlife populations and the health of production animals, at the same time developing skills in laboratory techniques important in the diagnosis and surveillance of disease in animal populations.

Your major structure

You’ll complete this major as part of a Bachelor of Science degree. In addition to the below you’ll also take elective science subjects and breadth (non-science) subjects through your degree.

In your first and second years you will complete the subjects that are prerequisites for your major, including chemistry, biology, and animal health subjects. In second year, you’ll also have the option to take elective subjects in nutrition and animal physiology.

In your third year, you will complete four core subjects (50 points of study) and explore the science behind the health and disease of wildlife and production animals. Students in this major will be provided with the tools to engage with industry and conduct research.

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