From 2021, the Veterinary Bioscience specialisation will become a separate major in the Bachelor of Science (subject to approval).
The subjects required for the Veterinary Bioscience major and the Animal Health and Disease major will also be changing.
Please check back in mid-November 2020 for these updates.

You’ll leave this major with an understanding of animal health and disease, genetics and biotechnology, disease surveillance, and animal behaviour and handling in the contexts of veterinary medicine, animal production and management, and animal science research.


There are two specialisations within the Animal Health and Disease major:

  • Veterinary Bioscience
  • Animal Disease Biotechnology.

The Veterinary Bioscience specialisation is only available to students who have received a provisional offer for a place in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Your major structure

You’ll complete this major as part of a Bachelor of Science degree.

In your first and second years you will complete the subjects that are prerequisites for your major, including chemistry, biology, and animal health subjects.

In your third year, you will complete four subjects (for the Animal Health and Disease specialisation) or six subjects (for the Veterinary Bioscience specialisation) of deep and specialised study in animal health and disease.

Throughout your degree you will also take elective science subjects and breadth (non-science) subjects.

If you wish to apply for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine via the Veterinary Biosciences specialisation in the Bachelor of Science, you will need to have completed either Year 12 physics or a first-year physics subject.

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