Animal Health and Disease

    Where will this take me?


    Career outcomes

    If you want to help paws and claws, unleash your inner animal-whisperer: studies in Animal Health and Disease will prepare you for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, veterinary or animal research and animal care and welfare.

    Or, a major in Animal Health and Disease can lead to a rewarding career in animal production industries, and the increasingly important areas of disease and surveillance and biosecurity.

    Employment in animal health leading to 2019 is expected to remain steady.

    Graduate degree pathways from this major


    Completing the Animal Health and Disease major means you are very well placed for further study in honours and graduate research in a range of science and technology areas.

    Graduate degrees PATHWAYS

    Science graduates who satisfactorily complete an Animal Health and Disease major with the Veterinary Bioscience specialisation will qualify for the accelerated pathway to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

    If you wish to continue professional studies at graduate level, this major also leads to a range of other graduate degree pathways, including:

    • Agricultural, animal and biomedical sciences, law, health sciences and teaching, humanities, business and government.