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With Australia’s close proximity and relations with Asia, an in-depth understanding of Asian traditions, ideologies and contemporary developments is invaluable.


Studying an Asian studies major can equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed in a vastly expanding business market.


After graduating, you could find yourself working in govnernment, international relations or diplomacy, liaising between companies and leading teams to success.

Communications to community

Your degree could also lead you to a fruitful career in communications, or even community development.


Adrienne Dallas Bray

Adrienne Dallas Bray is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Asian Studies.

The Asian Studies Major focuses on the anthropology, political science, philosophy, economics and social aspects of the Asian region. In many ways, it’s like undertaking a standard politics major – but with a focus on Asia, and a greater selection of non-western academic research and opinion. I really value the diversity of this major, and it’s been wonderful to learn from various tutors from different backgrounds and political stances at the Asia Institute.

My political studies subjects during my first year laid the foundations for me to ultimately choose an Asian Studies major. I found myself always using Asia, particularly China, to analyse the different political and socio-cultural issues raised in my course.

My study abroad experience at Fudan University in China further emphasised my passion for learning about China and Asian cultures, and so I chose to change my majors to Asian Studies and Chinese Language. Ever since choosing my majors, my opportunities to study in China, participate in more local Australia-China cultural events and work within this international space has flourished.

I have been involved in several extra-curricular activities, ranging from being a delegate at the Australia China Emerging Leaders Summit and a founder of a women’s leadership club at University College, to participating in two study abroad programs at Fudan and Tsinghua University and representing Australia in the 17th Chinese Bridge Competition. These experiences have been incredible opportunities to explore my future career options, meet new people and learn more about feminism, leadership and cross-cultural communication.

I believe that being fluent in Chinese and having a deeper understanding of Asian diversity, values, culture and economics is essential for my generation, regardless of career path. I see myself in a career where I will apply my knowledge of Asia and Chinese language to my daily routines, projects, future plans and relationships. Career paths I’m interested in include diplomacy, cultural consultancy, arts management, university relationships and research.