Chemical Systems

    Major overview


    In this modern world we take lots of things for granted, but without chemical engineers, we wouldn’t have plastics, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, household cleaners or processed food and drink.

    Chemical engineers invent, design and implement processes that convert raw materials into valuable products used every day. Without chemical engineering we would not have many important advances in areas such as environmental control and biotechnology.

    Follow this major through to the Master of Engineering (Chemical) or Master of Engineering (Chemical with Business) and join students working on important projects like clean energy biofuels, targeted drug delivery for cancer treatment and new methods of air pollution control.

    If you continue this major through to the Master of Engineering, you will be eligible for professional accreditation as an engineer as our Engineering degrees are professionally recognised under two major accreditation frameworks — EUR-ACE® and the Washington Accord (through Engineers Australia). Graduates can work as chartered professional engineers throughout Europe, and as professional engineers in the 17 countries of the Washington Accord.

    The Master of Engineering (Chemical) is also accredited by IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers). This accreditation has worldwide recognition.