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The Bachelor of Arts requires the successful completion of 24 subjects (300-points), including at least one major. Most students study eight subjects each year (usually four subjects in each semester) for three years full-time, or the part-time equivalent.

Most Arts majors require 100 points of study (usually eight subjects) for attainment. This means out of your 300-point program, you have the opportunity to achieve two majors in your course.

Completing your major

Students completing a major or minor in Chinese Studies will need to complete a certain distribution of compulsory and elective subjects based on their entry point. Due to the wide range of student language proficiency levels (from beginners to fluent), the Chinese Studies major provides six language entry points, the super advanced entry point is only available as a minor, available to students who have completed secondary education in a Chinese environment. For more information on the different entry points required subjects, view the Handbook entry for this course.

  • Students who undertake a major in Chinese Studies from entry point 1 (beginners level) must complete ten Chinese subjects (125 points) taken as Arts discipline subjects.
Breadth studies

Breadth is a unique feature of the Melbourne curriculum. It gives you the chance to explore subjects outside of arts, developing new perspectives and learning to collaborate with others who have different strengths and interests — just as you will in your future career.

Some of our students use breadth to explore creative interests or topics they have always been curious about. Others used breadth to improve their career prospects by complementing their major with a language, communication skills or business expertise.


Rachel Madin

Rachel Madin is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Chinese Studies and Screen and Cultural Studies.

In high school my two favourite subjects were Chinese and Theatre Studies, so I wanted to find a university course in which I could continue to study Chinese and also explore other options related to the dramatic arts. The Bachelor of Arts and the Melbourne Model provided me with the opportunity to do this.

Studying Chinese Studies as my major has definitely changed my worldview. It has opened up a whole new world for me and given me opportunities to communicate and interact with people I previously wouldn’t have been able to. Recently, I’ve been making friends from all over the world who also speak or study Chinese.

Studying Chinese has not only encouraged me to get to know Chinese international students, but has also made me braver to go up to Chinese tourists on campus and ask them if they need directions or help taking photos. This often leads to a lot of really funny and interesting conversations.

I have found that the best way to get involved in extra-curricular activities is through the student clubs and societies. My favourites have been Australia China Youth Association (ACYA) and Mandarin Language Club (MLC) which have allowed me the opportunity to meet students from China. This has not only assisted with my Chinese language and communication skills but has enabled me to meet so many great people, not only from Australia and China but from all over the world.

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