The Civil Systems major provides the foundation of understanding planning, design and construction of essential infrastructure (such as bridges, tunnels, transport systems, water supply, drainage, buildings, airports, and harbours).

And you'll learn how to apply risk-management techniques to prevent loss-of-life caused by natural and complex disasters.

Skill-based learning will include modelling of civil systems using computer-aided design, through to laboratory experiments to solve problems.

Your major structure

This major can be completed through the Bachelor of Design or the Bachelor of Science.


The Bachelor of Design is a flexible degree that lets you explore different fields of study. The subjects you complete in your first year provide the basis for your knowledge of design that will carry through the rest of your degree.

By your second year you will deepen your understanding of your chosen discipline, in preparation for deep and specialised study in your third year, when you will complete your major requirements.

You will also be required to undertake a capstone subject, which draws together the various theoretical strands.

Throughout your degree, design elective subjects can complement your major area of study. You can choose to study one or two majors, a major and a minor, or a major and a specialisation.


In your first and second years you’ll complete subjects that are prerequisites for your major, including mathematics and foundational engineering subjects. You can study engineering subjects from your first year with us, and you’ll have plenty of flexibility to explore other interests too.

In your third year, you will complete 50 points (four subjects) of deep and specialised study in civil systems.

Throughout your degree you will also take science elective subjects and breadth (non-science) subjects, in addition to your major subjects and prerequisites.

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