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If you study both Ancient Greek and Latin as part of your Bachelor of Arts, you can apply to do an Honours year (4th year) in Classics, during which students study both languages at the same time. After that, you might enter into the fields of literary studies, history, or archaeology, where you’ll research ancient greek and roman civilisations.

A knowledge of classical languages is also very useful for research and training in biochemistry, medicine, the history and philosophy of science, history, archaeology, Biblical studies, philosophy, art history, romance language studies, English literary studies, music, and more. In fact, Classics is one of the best majors for acquiring transferable skills for any career path, since students gain career flexibility by developing skills in research, writing, critical analysis, and communication.


Graduates in Classics have become lawyers, judges, doctors, diplomats, businessmen, journalists, computer game writers, arts and event managers, heritage consultants, to name a few.


If you’re more interested in archiving or academia, you could use your major to land a career in museum curatorship, librarianship, teaching, or government and administration.


Your degree could also make you an invaluable asset to the tourism industry, opening exciting opportunities of adventure and travel.