Ecosystem Science

    Where will this take me?


    Career outcomes

    After completing this major you might pursue career paths in landscape management, forest and environmental management, land-care and wildlife conservation or forest carbon investment and accounting. Employment in this area is projected to remain relatively steady to 2019. Ecosystem scientists have above average earnings and full-time jobs.

    Graduate degree pathways from this major


    Completing the Ecosystem Science major means you are very well placed for further study in honours and graduate research in a range of science and technology areas. Research training preparation within the honours year, a postgraduate diploma or a masters degree will be required as preparation for graduate research.


    If you wish to continue professional studies at graduate level, this major leads to a range of graduate degree pathways:

    • Science and technology-focused graduate study in degrees including biotechnology, environmental systems, informatics and nanotechnology
    • Graduate degree pathways that will prepare you for a wide range of professions including engineering, law, teaching, medicine and other health sciences
    • Further graduate study to develop your skills outside of science and technology in areas such as humanities, business, government.