Electrical Systems


    Electrical engineers design and build electronic devices on all scales – from nanoelectronics to nationwide power grids.

    At Melbourne, our electrical engineers are developing energy-efficient telecommunication systems, smart workwear for people working in harsh conditions, and sensor networks that monitor the environment.

    This major introduces you to the fundamental mathematics of signals, systems and information, and the physical science of electrical phenomena.

    For professional accreditation as an electrical engineer, follow this major with a Master of Engineering (Electrical) or (Electrical with Business).

    If you continue this major through to the Master of Engineering, you will be eligible for professional accreditation as an engineer as our Engineering degrees are professionally recognised under two major accreditation frameworks — EUR-ACE® and the Washington Accord (through Engineers Australia). Graduates can work as chartered professional engineers throughout Europe, and as professional engineers in the 17 countries of the Washington Accord.