Where will this take me?



Studying English and Theatre Studies could lead to exciting career opportunities in an array of fields.

Writer / editor

You could use your skills to become an author, playwright or publisher, where you’ll create meaningful and engaging stories and content.

The arts

Or, you could manage galleries, museums, performing arts companies or cinemas handling assets and immersing yourself in – and contributing to – the field you’re passionate about.


With a strong focus on language and communications, you will also be well suited to corporate communications and marketing roles.


Hayden Smith

Hayden Smith is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and Theatre Studies, with a concurrent Diploma in Music.

My English and Theatre Studies subjects have exposed me to a wonderfully diverse range of performances which I had previously not been exposed to. These texts have led to deeply engaging tutorials and fascinating conversations. The opportunity for creative responses to these texts has been very enjoyable. As well as academic essays I have done performative assessments including a performance of Shakespeare involving dancing robots. I have also turned a classroom into a makeshift set.

Just a few of the subjects I have studied are American Classics, Performance and the World and Romancing the Medieval. These subjects have helped me to develop a more extensive understanding of history in relation to the cultural field, and have encouraged me to think critically the current cultural climate. All these subjects have a broad relevance, leaking into the social, political, and geographical spheres.

At the beginning of my BA, I was accepted into a concurrent Diploma of Music. Studying guitar alongside my BA has been an awesome experience, opening up another whole area of the University. Lessons have helped me to significantly improve my playing, whilst many performance opportunities have also been granted both individually and in ensembles, raising my confidence as a musician.

The lecturers and tutors at the University are highly engaging people; their passion is obvious.