The Finance major covers three key areas:

  • Capital markets and financial institutions
  • Investments and financial planning
  • Corporate finance.

You’ll learn how individuals, businesses and institutions raise funds to implement investment strategies and gain knowledge as to how they allocate these funds to a variety of investment opportunities.


You will need to start taking finance subjects in your first year to fulfil professional accreditation requirements.


In your first and second year, these are comprised mostly of core subjects that are prerequisites for your major, plus breadth and elective subjects.

Most of your major subjects will be in your final year, along with the remainder of your electives and breadth subjects.


Students have the option to do a double major – which takes less time than a double degree - by combining any two of accounting, economics, finance, marketing, and management.


The Melbourne curriculum allows you to incorporate breadth subjects into your degree. This gives you the chance to explore subjects or disciplines outside of commerce and finance.

Use breadth to explore creative interests or topics you have always been curious about; or complement your finance major and career development with a language, communication skills or technological expertise.

If you follow a breadth track you may even qualify for graduate study in a field that’s very different from your major. Or if you already have a professional graduate program in mind, such as the Juris Doctor (Law) or Master of Engineering, you can use your breadth to develop your knowledge and meet prerequisites from day one.

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