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By studying the complexities of different genders – and by understanding their experiences in society – you can work to advocate equality through sociology, government and policy and community development positions.

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You could contribute to your field further by devoting yourself to a career in gender research.


Alice Bersee

Alice Marie-Jeanne Bersée is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Gender Studies.

I actually began my BA in the English and Theatre Studies, and on a whim chose to do a Gender Studies subject. Social justice work and activism have been lifelong passions of mine, and I decided to do a Gender Studies subject to hopefully learn more about the LGBTIQA+ community to make myself a better ally. Little did I know, the subject would not only teach me about the community but allowed for many huge, pivotal self-actualisations about my own queerness, giving name to various things I'd felt my whole life but didn't know how to voice.

Learning about my own sexuality, gender and where that positions me in my world has been an incredibly enjoyable part of my university experience, as well as just being important in my life. Another important part of my degree has been learning more about intersectional feminism, with a focus on the ongoing impacts of colonialism particularly on First Nations women, and my privileges and responsibilities as a white person in all spaces and stolen land I occupy. Through my degree I have met many like-minded, creative and wonderful friends also interested in political activism which has extended my knowledge and pushed me to actively undertake learning in these areas.

My degree has illuminated the structural oppression in Australia which targets women and marginalised groups such as First Nations peoples, people of colour, members of the LGBTIQA+ community, sex workers, homeless people, those living with physical and mental health issues, non-able-bodied people, asylum seekers, migrants, immigrants, people from low socio-economic groups and those who intersect between these groups. It's made me aware of the need for change within all institutions and hierarchies built on colonialism and capitalism.