With 4.6 billion years’ worth of records, geology has plenty to tell us. In this major, you’ll discover the secrets hidden below the ground through field-based classes and laboratory analysis.

Explore the origins of our planet and the processes that shaped it, and how these processes continue to change our planet, sometimes dramatically. You’ll be able to read the landscape at a whole new level.

Our economy and lifestyles rely in a large part on the resources that lie below us, so there are always lots of career opportunities for geologists in research, environmental assessment and remediation, the minerals and petroleum industries, and government. Discover the Geology majorLearn about the Geology major at the University of Melbourne. What will you study, and where will your major take you? More information: https://study.unimelb.edu.au/find/courses/major/geology/https://youtu.be/JTapwhvIKyY