Where will this take me?



Undertaking a qualification in Islamic studies could give you several exciting career opportunities.


Especially in today’s global environment, understanding the Islamic culture could lead you to international relations and diplomacy, where you’ll use your cultural knowledge to facilitate agreements.


Your skills could also see you involved in government and policy development, where your expertise in the field of Islam will ensure the fair treatment and protection of all people under the law.


You could also work with Islamic communities to understand and alleviate problems, again, ensuring fairness and equality.


Emma Vollert

Emma Vollert is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Islamic Studies.

Islamic Studies has given me a much greater appreciation of the way in which Islam shapes states, societies and individuals. Given the diversity in expressions of Islam and also its close association to the study of politics, the breadth of possible areas of study is huge.

My Honours thesis was titled 'Testing the Paradigm: Religious Authority and the 'Ulama of Al-Azhar'. I looked at the effect of the modernisation of Egypt on the ‘ulama of al-Azhar, focusing on how it has affected their religious authority. My focus was on Egyptian society, on how the Azhari 'ulama claim and project their authority and how this shapes social action at the societal level.

I am planning on taking the coming year off to travel and start to learn Arabic. Given that I've studied Islam for four years I am excited to explore the countries that I have spent the last few years reading about. I am planning on travelling to parts of the Middle East and North Africa, and completing an Arabic course in Oman.