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Career outcomes

Completing a major or minor in Japanese Studies gives you a sound understanding of Japanese language and society. Developing transferable and highly valued skills will enhance your career options in many fields such as government, industry and commerce, teaching, publishing, and translation.

The University has long established partnerships in student exchange and research with over a dozen of Japan's elite universities.


Daniel Ho

Daniel Ho is currently studying a Bachelor of Science, with a Diploma in Languages (Japanese)

Although I was slightly apprehensive about what I wanted to study at university, I was certain about studying Japanese. My journey with Japanese began in high school where I decided to pick it up with the hope of one day being able to communicate with the relatives I have in Japan.

I decided to study Japanese via the Diploma in Languages rather than as a breadth track, because I thought the opportunity to study the rich culture and history of Japan would help me to appreciate the language in a deeper and more meaningful way. Having a Diploma qualification may also open up more doors to work overseas in the future.

In my time studying the Diploma so far, the lecturers and tutors have been nothing short of inspiring – they are encouraging, understanding and patient. Their support has allowed me to improve my Japanese drastically without making me feel self-conscious about making mistakes in class.

Making friends has been an incredibly comfortable and natural process in Japanese classes. The conversation practice in tutorials is a great way to make new friends – especially when everyone is so open and friendly. The small cohort feels very close-knit and welcoming and it is always a pleasure seeing familiar faces in the lecture hall every week. I will be going to Kyoto University for exchange commencing next year.

I am hoping to start up new connections in Japan while I am on exchange in Kyoto next year and maybe one day work in Japan as an engineer.