Mechanical Systems

    Major overview


    Choose the Mechanical Systems major and you will learn to develop and design new products and the machines to make them.

    Mechanical engineers create innovative solutions to global challenges in fields such as energy and transport, space exploration, climate change, healthcare and more. You will study the operation and control of machines in a wide range of contexts, from transportation (including cars, aircraft and ships) through to everyday devices such as air- conditioners and dishwashers.

    You will discover how to design, plan and manage the systems, people and technical facilities needed to produce goods and services for industry and domestic use. You’ll also study the generation and harnessing of energy (including gas turbines and wave power) and technologies to protect the environment (such as solar heating).

    Mechanical Systems interacts with all other branches of engineering, and is increasingly involved with other fields of study such as medicine and biology.

    Your classes will integrate the science of mechanics with engineering principles, and you will learn to solve practical problems using your design expertise. Basic principles will be learnt through lectures, small interactive classes, demonstrations, practical laboratory classes and challenging assignments.

    You can study this major under the Bachelor of Design or the Bachelor of Science

    This major is taught identically across both bachelors degrees.

    Please note: The additional subjects you take under either of these bachelors degrees (that reflect your interests), may 'flavour' and/or complement this major.