Mechanical Systems


    Mechanical engineers design, construct, operate and maintain machines, robots, energy systems and manufacturing equipment – practically anything with moving parts.

    With the skills and knowledge you gain in this major, you’ll learn to create innovative solutions to global challenges in fields such as energy, transport, healthcare and more. You could help develop and design new products like engines, cars and wind turbines, or the robots that make them.

    Mechanical engineering focuses on turning energy into power and motion, spanning industries such as aeronautics, robotics and manufacturing.

    For professional accreditation as a mechanical engineer, follow this major with a Master of Engineering (Mechanical), (Mechanical with Business) or (Mechanical with Aerospace)*.

    *Provisional accreditation sought through Engineers Australia.

    If you continue this major through to the Master of Engineering, you will be eligible for professional accreditation as an engineer as our Engineering degrees are professionally recognised under two major accreditation frameworks — EUR-ACE® and the Washington Accord (through Engineers Australia). Graduates can work as chartered professional engineers throughout Europe, and as professional engineers in the 17 countries of the Washington Accord.