Mechatronics Systems


    If the future is self-driving cars, Amazon delivery drones, and reusable rockets, then the career of the future is mechatronics.

    Gain knowledge to help develop new products like mobile phones, gaming consoles, cars and wind turbines, or the robots that make them.

    Do you like mechanical, electrical, and software engineering and can’t decide which to specialise in? Why not combine the three and develop the next generation of automated technologies?

    For professional accreditation as a mechatronics engineer, follow this major with a Master of Engineering (Mechatronics).

    If you continue this major through to the Master of Engineering, you will be eligible for professional accreditation as an engineer as our Engineering degrees are professionally recognised under two major accreditation frameworks — EUR-ACE® and the Washington Accord (through Engineers Australia). Graduates can work as chartered professional engineers throughout Europe, and as professional engineers in the 17 countries of the Washington Accord.