Where will this take me?


    Career outcomes

    A Philosophy major gives you the ability to think and consider the world differently. This unique quality is sought after in a number of fields.


    For example, you could use your knowledge to contribute on a government level, giving important ethical advice or developing policies. You could also use your knowledge on ethics to complement a career in law, where you’ll advise and represent clients.


    Opportunities in academia and research are also open to you, as are education and training.

    life-long learning

    A Philosophy major gives you scholarly, and life-long learning skills and tools. Increase the value of your day, the value of your life.


Matilda Breheney-McGuire

Matilda Breheney-McGuire is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Philosophy.

Philosophy is particularly exciting to me for the way it isn’t an isolated discipline, but can be applied as a lens from which to look at other disciplines, providing a structure for thinking that better allows all forms of understanding, not just in academia but in all aspects of life.

Studying philosophy has definitely changed my worldview. Heidegger encapsulates it pretty well with his concept of Lichtung – translated roughly as a combination of ‘lighting’ and ‘opening’– which he claims should be understood in terms of a clearing in the forest, where the lesser density of trees and branches allows for light to shine through. Philosophy is kind of like this – like stumbling upon a clearing in the forest, where the sun can shine a light on everything around you.

The thing about philosophy is that it becomes integrated into every aspect of your life by intrinsically altering the way you think about things. It has heightened my perception of everything around me.