Plant and Soil Science

    Where will this take me?



    The Plant and Soil Science major will equip you to address issues in plant health and sustainable agriculture, with subjects in ecology, water and soil management, plant growth and nutrition. It will provide you with a strong understanding of agronomy: the science of using plants for food, fuel, fibre, and land reclamation. Agronomy is fundamental to most fields of agriculture and leads to a range of careers.


    Following a major in Plant and Soil Science, potential careers include:

    • Agronomist: advise producers on maximising the usefulness of their land
    • Catchment manager or environmental advisor: improve sustainability and environmental health
    • Soil scientist: contribute to research, more efficient water use or advanced fertiliser development.
    • Orchard manager: develop budgets, work with marketers, supervise field teams and oversee the production line to deliver fresh fruit to market
    • Government policy adviser: apply your understanding of agriculture to help government balance programs, regulations and priorities.