Learn about aspects of behaviour such as human motivation and emotion, decision-making processes and social interaction.

Areas of study include cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, sensation and perception, and social psychology.

Your major structure

You can study this major through the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Biomedicine or the Bachelor of Science. It is taught identically in the three degrees.

Different sequences are available:

  • a 125-point major sequence accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) (available in the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Biomedicine)
  • non-accredited sequences (75-point minor sequence in the Bachelor of Arts or 50-point major sequence in the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Biomedicine).

If you aim to work as a registered psychologist in Australia, complete the 125-point accredited major. Then, after further study, you can become an accredited psychologist.

To complete the accredited major you will complete 10 subjects overall: 2 at first-year level, 4 at second-year level, and 4 at third-year level. Two of these will be taken as breadth subjects.

Throughout your degree you will also take science or arts elective subjects and breadth subjects (subjects outside of your degree), in addition to your major subjects.

Sample course plan

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