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    A major in screen and cultural studies can lead to a fascinating career filled with art and creativity.


    You could, for example, work as a curator in a museum or gallery thanks to your vast and highly refined knowledge.


    Or, you could continue to learn about your field of choice through academia and research, contributing new ideas and theories.

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    Your understanding of contemporary societies and key cultural trends – as well your proficiency in critical analysis – will also make you a great fit for a career in social research or government. Here, you’ll use your understanding of people and cultural issues to make a difference.


Holly Jebb

Holly Jebb is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Screen and Cultural Studies and Psychology

Our world is heavily constructed and we take a lot of what we see for granted, without having a grasp of the particular machinery behind it. Studying film has really taught me about this and has helped me to deconstruct not only film, but many different things of my life.

I really loved a subject I took in third year Art Cinema and the Love Story, which broke down my favourite genre of cinema in ways I had never thought of. It helped me to understand the representation of romance on screen and delve deeper which I really loved, taking bigger ideas I’d covered in earlier subjects and breaking them down into finer points, with brilliant films to use as case studies each week.

I did an exchange in the second half of 2017 at the University of Glasgow. The experience gave me chance to attend some major film festivals and premieres in Venice, London, Iceland and the Netherlands, as well as visit other cities and countries I’d dreamed about seeing for years. I’ve done some short courses at the Victorian College of the Arts to complement my film studies, and volunteered at the Melbourne International Film Festival – all experiences which have helped to grow my appreciation and enrich my knowledge of the screen industry.

My dream goal would be producing on films or television in the UK. Studying British cinema both in subjects at Melbourne and on exchange in Scotland has only grown my appreciation of their industry.