Where will this take me?


Further study

Qualifying as an engineer

To become a professionally accredited spatial engineer, study the Spatial Systems major in the Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Science, then progress to the Master of Spatial Engineering.

Learn more about how to become an Engineer at the University of Melbourne.


Other graduate degrees you could consider are:

Depending on the subjects you take in your undergraduate degree, a range of other graduate study options may be possible – in fields as diverse as design, science and technology, health sciences, teaching, law, business, humanities and more.


If you complete a masters course with a significant research component, you can go on to study a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), or another graduate research program

This will set you up for a rewarding career in research with a university, research institute, government, or technology company.

Career outcomes

After completing this major you might pursue careers in land and property surveying, land administration, engineering and construction, public safety and emergency management, asset management, GIS consulting or spatial analysis.