What will I study?


Your course structure

The Bachelor of Arts requires the successful completion of 24 subjects (300-points), including at least one major. Most students study eight subjects each year (usually four subjects in each semester) for three years full-time, or the part-time equivalent.

Most Arts majors require 100 points of study (usually eight subjects) for attainment. The majority of Arts minors require 75 points of study (usually 6 subjects) for attainment. This means out of the 300 point program, you have the opportunity to achieve two majors in your course as well as a minor.

Completing your minor

If you are taking Chinese Societies as a minor, you must complete:

  • One level 1 compulsory subject AND Arts Discovery OR any level one Chinese language subject where it is not counted toward another major OR a level 1 subject in any Arts discipline (these subjects are usually taken at first year)
  • 25 points (usually two subjects) of level 2 elective subjects
  • 25 points (usually two subjects) of level 3 elective subjects

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