Assessment and Pedagogy

Specialisation overview


The Assessment and Pedagogy specialisation of the Master of Education allows you to strengthen your skills as a practitioner in any learning environment and become a leader in designing learning, assessment and related pedagogy. Through the four assessment and pedagogy core subjects, you’ll learn how to use assessment results to inform your teaching and improve student learning. Employing the latest research you will learn how to maximise student engagement, and explore the key components of classroom practice and the changing demands on space.

Who is the Assessment and Pedagogy specialisation for?

With a focus on collaboration and engagement, this specialisation is for classroom teachers and educators in a variety of learning environments such as schools, universities, vocational education, hospitals or other workplaces.

Leading the field

We're home to a number of internationally recognised education experts, and at the cutting edge of teaching and research. Our Innovative Spaces and Pedagogy module is exclusive to our Master of Education - there is no equivalent offered anywhere else in Australia.

Our Assessment Research Centre (ARC) is an academic enterprise unit within the University of Melbourne, focused on improving assessment, reporting, credentialing and warranting of learning in the industry through original research, consulting, publication, product development, teaching, training and commercialisation. Our centre supervises over 20 research higher degree students including doctoral and Master of Education candidates.


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Please note: this specialisation is available within the Master of Education, and is not a separate course. The regular Master of Education CRICOS code applies.