PhD Program

Comprehensive Cancer


    The Comprehensive Cancer PhD Program provides you with a training and support framework to complement your PhD. The flexible program is designed to be of interest to graduate researchers with either a scientific or clinical background.

    To participate, you must be enrolled in a cancer-related PhD in one of the ten partner organisations of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Alliance.

    By participating in the Program, you will:

    • Develop your academic and professional skills by attending a selection of seminars and workshops.
    • Enhance your research capabilities by experiencing clinical and research activities across the VCCC alliance
    • Build professional networks and a clearer vision of potential career pathways.

    The Program is facilitated by the Sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology and The University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research.

    To be eligible to participate in this PhD Program, you must be enrolled in a cancer-related PhD in an organisation that is part of the VCCC alliance.

    If you are not a currently enrolled PhD candidate, you will need to apply for admission to your PhD degree in one of the associated faculties first. For information on how to apply for PhD candidature at the University of Melbourne, including advice on finding a supervisor, please see the graduate research How to Apply pages on the Study website.

    To enquire about participating in this Program, please contact: