PhD Program

Comprehensive Cancer

    What will I study?


    Choose from a coordinated selection of seminars, workshops, networking and social events.

    Examples include:

    • Topics in Cancer Research Seminar Series: delivered in themed blocks of lectures, this is the hallmark event for the Program. Each theme emphasises the “bench to bedside” model by incorporating a range of topics from basic, translational and clinical research and impact on clinical outcomes. Past topics include Cancer Immunology, Cancer Genetics and Genomics and Oncogenes and Tumour Suppressors
    • Student Symposium: an annual event run by students in the Program, showcasing graduate researchers and their work
    • Academic and research skills development: specialised workshops in research communication, Thesis Bootcamps, core technologies training, intellectual property and commercialisation
    • Professional development: leadership development, building your CV, teaching opportunities.

    You will be provided with intensive training in a supportive environment that prepares you for a dynamic career in cancer research.

    You will experience clinical and research activities across the ten partners of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Alliance, and have access to a range of professional development opportunities to build your CV.

    Many of our seminars and workshops are made available online, so you don’t have to miss out on events if you cannot attend in person.

    The Program’s activities are flexible and can be personalised to fit your own research and career goals – making the most of what it can offer is up to you!

    I have enjoyed getting to know cancer-focused PhD students- Simone

    I have gained great insights and useful ideas from the Program- Chenkai

    The online seminars are excellent, allowing us to re-visit content and never miss a seminar- Athanasios

    The unique culture of inter-Institute collaboration empowers our ability to translate research findings directly into the clinic- Kenji