PhD Program

Ecology and Evolution


    The Ecology and Evolution PhD Program provides you with extra training and support while you complete your PhD in this exciting field.

    Breadth of expertise

    You’ll select from supervisors from the Schools of BioSciences, Geography and Forest and Ecosystem Science, giving you access to many different angles on ecology and evolution.

    Whether you’re interested in ecological or evolutionary theory; field, glasshouse or lab work; marine, terrestrial or freshwater ecosystems; animals, plants, microorganisms, communities or the environment; native species or invasions; within Australia or elsewhere in the globe; you'll follow your passion.

    Learn from the best

    Our researchers are national and international leaders in their fields, which presents you with tremendous opportunities for high-quality research training and intellectual development.

    We challenge ideas. We do not simply collect and analyse data. We use our knowledge to address important environmental and social issues, including conservation decision-making, climate change and mitigation, population health, sustainable natural resource management and urban planning.

    Giving you the edge in your career

    Extra support in the form of specialised workshops, short courses, drop-in sessions, mentoring, placements and internships will give you the skills to enter your chosen career with confidence.

    We have a particular focus on quantitative skills, providing a custom training plan based on your own background, which will set you apart from other PhD graduates.

    How to apply

    The Ecology and Evolution PhD Program is for PhD candidates undertaking research in ecology or evolution at the University of Melbourne.

    To be admitted to the Program, first apply for the Doctor of Philosophy (Science), with supervisors from the School of BioSciences, School of Geography, or School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences.

    Once you’re accepted as a PhD candidate, email the program directors with your name, contact details, supervisor name and working thesis title.

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    • Supervisors for the Ecology and Evolution PhD Program

    Note that you can still study for a PhD in ecology or evolution at the University of Melbourne without being part of this PhD Program.

    Contact us

    For information on the Ecology and Evolution PhD Program, contact the directors, Professor Roger Cousens and Professor Mick Keough, on