Specialisation overview


The Literacy Education specialisation of the Master of Education gives you contemporary in-depth knowledge of literacy policy, theory and curriculum. This specialisation prepares you to lead schools and students in all facets of literacy development, from early years to adulthood.


This specialisation is for those wanting to learn more about literacy, and for those who want to lead schools and students in literacy development. It is ideal for those with a previous education qualification, and is suitable for teachers from all levels (early childhood through to adult education) and from any sector (government, Catholic and independent). The specialisation can help a wide variety of education professionals working in diverse education settings.


We're home to a number of internationally recognised education experts, and are at the cutting edge of teaching and research. Research in this field is carried out at the Language and Literacy Research Hub – a centre that brings together language and literacy education researchers from a range of contexts, including the early years, primary, secondary and tertiary education, and into adulthood.

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Please note: this specialisation is available within the Master of Education, and is not a separate course. The regular Master of Education CRICOS code applies.

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