Literacy Education

      Specialisation overview


      Giving you contemporary in-depth knowledge of literacy policy, theory and curriculum, this specialisation prepares you to lead schools and students in all facets of literacy development, from early years to adulthood.

      New perspectives

      You’ll gain a multifaceted view of contemporary literacy in schools and society through the study of subjects focused on policy, multimodal texts, reading, viewing and writing. With a comprehensive understanding of literacy as social practice, you’ll be equipped with the latest evidence-based research in literacy and teaching to support a diverse range of learner abilities and needs.

      Balance work, life and study

      The flexible delivery mode of the course, which includes on-campus workshops and online participation, makes it easier to study while working or caring for family. In addition, blended learning options make it easier for regional students to participate.

      Please note: this specialisation is available within the Master of Education, and is not a separate course. The regular Master of Education CRICOS code applies.