Specialisation (formal)

Mathematics Education

      Where will this take me?



      This course will equip you with research-informed knowledge, practical skills, and insight to empower your professional practice. The course content will benefit a range of education professionals, including:

      • Teachers
      • Education leaders
      • Policy makers
      • Educators
      • People who engage with mathematics at work

      Industry connections

      Through your education studies, teaching placements and research projects, you will develop strong professional and personal connections with community and industry that will open doors to an outstanding future.

      Learning outcomes

      Successful completion of this specialisation will:

      • Develop your ability to critically analyse relevant theories, policies, professional practices and public debates as they relate to the learning and teaching of numeracy and mathematics
      • Position you well to evaluate and design mathematics education, and to communicate policies and programs

      This specialisation will also enhance your knowledge in:

      • Informal and non-formal education
      • Digital technologies
      • Sociocultural aspects of mathematics education
      • Numeracy across the curriculum