As the Department of Medical Biology, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute offers PhD students world-class research training in medical research.

The Institute provides a scientific environment that emphasises innovation, collaboration and excellence. Research conducted at the Institute has been recognised through numerous prestigious awards including the Nobel Prize, Albert Lasker Awards, Royal Society Medals and the Australia Prize.

The Institute takes a multidisciplinary approach to medical research, with exciting opportunities available in diverse fields including biochemistry, bioinformatics, cell biology, cancer biology, chemical biology, clinical translation, computational biology, developmental biology, drug discovery, genomics, immunology, molecular biology, parasitology, population health, proteomics, structural biology, and systems biology.

How to participate

To be eligible to participate in this PhD Program, you must be a currently enrolled University of Melbourne PhD candidate undertaking your research in a relevant area.

If you are not a currently enrolled PhD candidate, you will need to apply for admission to your PhD degree in one of the associated faculties first. For information on how to apply for PhD candidature, including advice on finding a supervisor, please see the graduate research How to Apply pages on the Study website.

Explore the research projects available and then contact a prospective supervisor to discuss a research program.

Our Scientific Education Office is available to advise and assist you with all stages of your application.