PhD Program

Melbourne Neuroscience

      What will I study?


      • In your first year, you can choose to undertake an intensive coursework program giving you a foundation in core neuroscience subjects. Held in March to April, the course is taught in partnership with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.
      • Advanced Neuroscience Workshops in hands-on techniques ranging from magnetic resonance imaging to neural computational modelling
      • Neuroscience seminars
      • Career and professional development workshops
      • Internship, short consulting project and mentoring opportunities
      • Wellbeing program

      Apply to be selected to:

      • Undertake your PhD studies within specialised programs such as the Yulgilbar Alzheimer's Research Program (YARP) Clinicians Research Network, offering strong clinical research links.
      • Spend up to 8 weeks with partner institutions in Canada through the Rebecca Hotchkiss International Scholar Exchange to
      • Be recognised with the Melbourne Brain Symposium Mendelsohn Award, which invites an outstanding graduate researcher to deliver a lecture to the Neuroscience community.