PhD Program

Melbourne Neuroscience

    Where will this take me?


    This program will add depth and breadth to your PhD experience, while assisting you to develop networks and take control of your career.

    The interdisciplinary nature of the program provides a broad context within which to place your disciplinary training. It will put you at the forefront of current innovation and help you develop and practice the skills you need to be successful in whichever career you choose.

    'I am most excited about the interdisciplinary nature of the Melbourne Neuroscience PhD Program, as it provides an opportunity to meet other students conducting research in diverse areas of neuroscience - some research areas I didn't even know existed on campus! Being able to share ideas and hear new perspectives helps me to understand neuroscience more broadly and critique my own research more thoroughly.' – Madeline Nicholson, Neuroscience Graduate Researcher, Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience.

    'It is a wonderful platform for training to become a world class researcher. ' – Nikita Tuli, Neuroscience Graduate Researcher, Department of Paediatrics.

    You will be supported to build relationships across the University and with relevant external organisations, to develop your career path after graduation.

    Join the Neuroscience Students Association, MISSiON to benefit from support of your peers based on shared interests and challenges in neuroscience. The Association engages and advocates for Neuroscience PhD students undertaking cross-disciplinary research.

    ‘The Melbourne Neuroscience PhD Program helps me to tick all the boxes for a career in academia and beyond’ - Esther Ji, Neuroscience Graduate Researcher, Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience.