Where will this take me?


Your PhD experience will be enhanced by joining a large, active group of graduate researchers in the Program from a variety of discipline perspectives working towards a PhD in Mental Health.

You will be supported to develop research capabilities specific to your area of interest and skills in communication to use wherever your career takes you. As a member of the graduate researcher group, you will help shape the Program and activities on offer.

The Program helps to prepare students for careers in universities, research institutes, policy-making settings and empirically supported clinical practice. It aims to create a support network and cohort experience to cultivate a new generation of researchers with high levels of inter-disciplinary awareness and inter-professional understanding.

The Mental Health PhD Program has provided me with rich opportunities for inter-departmental collaboration. This multidisciplinary approach to mental health research provides invaluable insight understand the nuance and challenge of policy and practice implementation. Our cohort has benefited from workshops equipping us with critical research skills, including: funding acquisition, advanced biostatistical techniques, and the epistemology of mental health research. The Great Minds lecture series facilitates exposure to field leaders and insights into growth opportunities within our research area.

Julia, graduate researcher participant in 2018

“ For me being part of the Mental Health PhD Program has provided opportunities to exchange ideas and gain support from PhD students from other schools who I otherwise would never have met. Through the Great Minds lectures and Mental Health Dialogues I have met world-class researchers in different mental health fields and leaders working in other industries using applied psychology research to make real social change. I have also received great advice about how to make the most of opportunities available within the University and by external organisations to gain the best possible start to my early research career.”

Angela, graduate researcher participant in 2018