Specialisation overview


The Student Wellbeing specialisation within the Master of Education will develop your capacity to contribute to creating engaging school communities that promote the wellbeing of all students and contribute to their academic progress and personal development.  From your experience in education settings, you will be aware of the close links between students’ learning and their social and emotional health and wellbeing and how these are shaped by the school environment.

Through this specialisation, you will enhance your knowledge and skills to respond to student wellbeing issues at the individual, school and system levels.  You will critically appraise contemporary theories,  practices, and policies in student wellbeing and consolidate and expand your repertoire of interpersonal skills in building collaborative, supportive and enabling relational connections with students, parents and colleagues.


This specialisation is suited to all teachers and those in other school staff roles who wish to deepen their knowledge of student wellbeing. The specialisation is also well suited to those who are currently in designated student wellbeing roles in schools or who are planning to move into such a role as part of their future career pathway.


The Melbourne Graduate School of Education has a long and proud tradition of leading student wellbeing higher education studies in Victoria. Our course was introduced in the 1980s and was the first student wellbeing course in the state. At MGSE we are proud to have many internationally recognised education experts, including in the field of student wellbeing.  The Youth Research Centre, in which the Student Wellbeing specialisation is located, is a leading contributor to local, national and international research initiatives and programs in the field.

Jess Alger – Master of Education

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Please note: this specialisation is available within the Master of Education, and is not a separate course. The regular Master of Education CRICOS code applies.