Bachelor of Agriculture

  • CRICOS code: 037228G
  • VTAC code: 3800446061
  • International VTAC code: 3800446063

The experience


Make the most of your time on campus by taking advantage of all that Melbourne has to offer outside of the classroom.

We are taking a renewed approach to student life, focusing on a series of key commitments to our undergraduate students. You will:

  • Be assisted and guided through your transition to university, especially in your first semester
  • Develop a connection and sense of belonging with your peers and the wider University community
  • Have access to a network of advisers and mentors for personalised advice to ensure you make the most of your study and engagement opportunities
  • Have a transformative experience intellectually as well as personally, through excellent and challenging teaching and learning
  • Become active in responding to the needs of the local and global community through volunteering, service and social entrepreneurship
  • Be recognised for your individual and group achievements over the course of your degree.

New initiatives are already underway, which we will continue to develop and implement to support these commitments.

Learning spaces


As an agriculture student, you’ll learn in our new $100 million life sciences building – the most sophisticated of its kind in Australia.

The six-Green-Star-rated building produces 50 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than similar buildings of its size. It includes rainwater harvesting and re-use, high-efficiency fittings and fixtures and a solar power system producing 140 000 kWh of solar energy per year.

The building includes large practical teaching laboratories, an object-based learning facility and classrooms for small group and problem-based learning, as well as informal learning and study spaces.

It’s located alongside the System Garden, which has been an integral part of the University since 1856. It showcases plant diversity by using characteristics such as flower structure to understand which plants belong in each family and group them together.


The University of Melbourne’s Dookie campus is a living laboratory, showcasing and experimenting on the cutting edge of agricultural science. Its researchers and students work together to test and learn in real-time.

Operating at the forefront of agricultural science, technology and sustainability, it houses over 8000 merino sheep, a robotic dairy, a working winery and brewery, an orchard and a natural bush reserve.

Situated on 2440 hectares between Shepparton and Benalla in Victoria, the Dookie campus has been home to a tightknit community of students, researchers and teaching staff since 1886. Our commitment to the Goulburn Valley region lets us offer you practical experience – not just at Dookie itself, but with our many regional partners, mentors and enterprises.

Study overseas

Interested in adding an international perspective to your studies? Agricultural science transcends geography and can be applied all around the world. We encourage all of our students to take advantage of the University’s global partnerships with leading institutions and study overseas for part of their degree. Immerse yourself in new social, cultural and intellectual environments to broaden your knowledge.


Local and international internships provide you with opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve developed with genuine, hands-on work experience. We offer a range of elective subjects to help you build lasting professional relationships, such as the Industry Internship and Enterprise Management subjects. You’ll improve your ability to apply agricultural science and technology in different sectors as you explore potential career paths.

Volunteering and placements

There are many volunteering and placement opportunities available. They are a great way to work on your communication skills, learn new things outside your study area and add valuable experience to your resume.

Industry seminars and events

It’s never too early to start thinking about your career. Our faculty partners with some of the most significant agricultural industry bodies and hosts thought leaders in agricultural science. Be inspired by the latest scientific and technological developments, develop job and interview skills and meet industry representatives to build your network at events throughout your degree.

Student clubs and societies

Joining a club or society is a great way to continue some of the extracurricular activities you already love, find a new interest or meet like-minded friends from within or outside of your degree. Join the Melbourne University Agricultural and Food Sciences Society (AFSS), one of our many wildlife appreciation groups, or if you’re seeking a career in veterinary science, join our Pre Vet Club. We have over 200 clubs and societies, so join up and get involved.


Josh Hine

“After graduation, I see myself traveling Victoria and surrounding states as an agronomist assisting horticultural producers in improving their on-farm efficiencies as well as minimising their environmental impacts... In agriculture, it’s really important to make sure you’re using sustainable practices that are going to maintain the health of the soil for future generations.”

Jayden is pictured at an experimental wheat field at the University of Melbourne's Dookie campus, where researchers take readings from a sensor on the ground while a plane-based sensor monitors plants for water stress from the air.