What will I study?


The course supports your transition to University through the provision of an additional study year. This extra year is designed to develop academic skills for your success at University.

Once you’ve completed the first year of the Bachelor of Arts (Extended), you will move into a standard Bachelor of Arts course structure.

Extra support

During your additional study year, you’ll access specialised academic support through foundation studies in key areas such as: academic literacy, communication and performance, literature, philosophy and environmental studies. These subjects will be taught by the Trinity College Foundation Studies program in co-operation with staff from the Faculty of Arts

In addition, you’ll be supported through the Murrup Barak centre, as well as living in one of the colleges affiliated with the University of Melbourne.

Majors (focus your undergraduate degree)

We offer an exceptional breadth of majors to match your career goals – with more than 40 areas of specialisation – from languages and psychology, through to economics and media and communication.

Foundation year

In your first year, you’ll complete Arts Discovery, which will introduce you to the study of Arts at first year and beyond. This subject explores different ways of understanding a complex issue of shared importance across the humanities, social science and language disciplines currently offered in the BA, and will provide you with the essential skills for continued study in Arts.

You’ll also complete these five compulsory subjects (total 62.5 points):

You’ll also compete two additional level 1 Arts discipline subjects (total 25 points).

Second year

In your second year, you will complete level 1 Arts discipline subjects and breadth subjects.

Third year

By your third year, you will have a better understanding of the Arts disciplines offered and be able to finalise your selection of majors and minors. You will complete the level 2 subjects in your major(s).

Fourth year

In fourth year, you will undertake a capstone subject in your major(s), designed to draw together the various strands of your fields of specialization and prepare you for life as a graduate. You will also take the remaining level 3 subjects to complete your degree.

In summary, the requirements of the Bachelor of Arts (Extended) are:
  • Completion of 36 subjects - 400 points - in total
  • Completion of the Foundation year
  • Completion of at least one major, including the capstone subject for all non-language majors
  • Completion of Arts Discovery
  • Completion of at least 50 points of Breadth study outside of Arts disciplines
  • Completion of no more than 125 points in one discipline
  • Completion of at least 50 points at each year level before being able to progress to the next year level

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