Bachelor of Commerce

  • CRICOS Code: 002143B
  • VTAC Code: 3800538101
  • International VTAC Code: 3800538103

What will I study?


The Bachelor of Commerce is an ideal pathway to a global career in a variety of industries in the business, government and not-for-profit sectors. You’ll build expansive foundation knowledge through core program content before specialising in up to two major areas of study.

Breadth study will allow you to explore diverse areas of interest, broaden your graduate abilities, and tailor your degree to your chosen career path.

You will learn from academic experts and enjoy enrichment programs including career mentoring, students clubs, leadership programs, local and international case competitions and overseas study opportunities.


The course consists of 24 subjects, usually taken over three years of full-time study, and you are required to study compulsory and elective subjects from the core program. These determine your major field of study.

Compulsory subjects

You will complete 7 core subjects to cover commerce fundamentals

major and elective subjects

You will complete 11-13 subjects to deepen your commerce knowledge.

breadth subjects

You will complete 4-6 subjects from non-commerce disciplines.

Majors (focus your undergraduate degree)

Your major is your chosen specialisation that you'll focus on throughout your degree. In your first year you'll be able to try a few different study areas before deciding on your major.

You can wait until the beginning of second year to choose a major, or focus on a specific discipline from the beginning of your degree. You can even major in two disciplines.

The Bachelor of Commerce has seven majors for you to choose from:


Breadth is a unique feature of the Melbourne Model. It gives you the chance to explore subjects outside your core area of study, developing new perspectives and learning to collaborate with others who have different strengths and interests – just as you will in your future career.

Some of our students use breadth to explore creative interests or topics they have always been curious about. Others use breadth to improve their career prospects by complementing their major with a language, communication skills or scientific expertise. Or if you already have a professional graduate program in mind, such as the Juris Doctor (Law) or Master of Engineering, you can use your breadth to develop your knowledge and meet prerequisites from day one. Many discover new passions through breadth, and some even change their career plans!

‘Breadth tracks’ (a series of breadth subjects taken throughout your degree) might qualify you for graduate study in a field that’s very different to your major. There are hundreds of breadth tracks to explore, as you will see below.

Capstone studies (your final year)

Capstone studies, taken in third year, give you a feel for working in industry and help you develop your practical business skills and networks. Examples include:

Management Consulting

As part of a multidisciplinary team, work with a Melbourne-based client on a real business project over the semester. Past students have worked with clients in a range of industries and organisations, from large Australian and multinational companies to niche agencies and not-for-profit organisations.

Global Management Consulting

Travel overseas and work with a client on a two-week consulting project. Past students have completed projects in industries such as banking, advertising, entertainment, construction, professional and consumer services, and insurance.

Business Judgement

This subject will integrate your knowledge of core business functions and analytical tools, which you’ll apply to the issues faced by modern organisations and decision-makers. You’ll be challenged to form and act upon judgement around strategic directions, marketing priorities and entrepreneurial opportunities, through simulation tasks and case analyses.

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