Bachelor of Commerce

  • CRICOS code: 002143B
  • VTAC code: 3800538101
  • International VTAC code: 3800538103

Where will this take me?


University of Melbourne commerce graduates enjoy challenging and rewarding careers in a diverse range of industries, in Australia and overseas.

Melbourne commerce graduates are known for their strong understanding of business issues and processes, their resourcefulness, and their problem-solving and leadership skills.

Career ready

A Melbourne commerce degree will give you the breadth, depth, and experience you need to be career-ready and join the workforce directly. Feel confident that your degree will take you further with our employer reputation, which is why we are ranked #8 for graduate employability worldwide (QS 2021).

Depending on your chosen major(s), the Bachelor of Commerce, together with other specified membership requirements, satisfies the accreditation requirements of a number of Australian professional associations. The benefits including access to industry networks, jobs, conferences, internationally recognised credentials and more. Visit the major pages to find out more about the accreditation bodies.

Have you considered these careers?
  • Account executive
  • Accountant
  • Actuary
  • Brand manager
  • Business analyst
  • Consultant
  • Customer experience expert
  • Customer insights analyst
  • Digital marketing manager
  • HR executive
  • Researcher
  • Sustainability analyst
  • Social media manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Startup founder
Where can this degree take you?

Some of our recent graduates are now working at:

  • Accenture
  • ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac
  • BHP Billiton
  • Citigroup
  • Deloitte
  • EY
  • IBM
  • KPMG
  • Lion
  • Macquarie Group
  • Parliament of Victoria
  • PwC
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Telstra
  • Unilever

Further study for a competitive edge

Graduate coursework

Study intensively, in small classes led by experts, and alongside others who share your interests and desire to succeed. The University of Melbourne has over 400 graduate courses at our 18 graduate schools.

With a graduate qualification, you will set yourself apart from those who study a traditional Australian single or double degree and earn 37 per cent or $22 000 per year more as a graduate (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching, 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey).

  • Areas of study in business and economics range from international business and human resource management to entrepreneurship and actuarial science.
  • Commerce graduates also pursue study in other areas such as architecture, computer science, education, engineering, health, humanities, and law

Explore your study areas

Professional pathways

The Melbourne Model allows for choice and flexibility. After you complete an undergraduate degree in commerce you can specialise with further professional graduate studies.

Example of popular pathways, but there are hundreds of more combinations.

Bachelor of CommerceYears Graduate DegreeYears Your career
Major in Actuarial Studies 3 Master of Commerce (Actuarial Science) 1.5 Actuarial analyst
Major in Economics 3 Master of Economics 2 Economist
Any major 3 Master of Engineering 3 Engineer
Major in Finance 3 Master of Finance 1.5 Financial consultant
Any major 3 Juris Doctor 3 Lawyer
Any major 3 Master of Property 2 Property analyst
Guaranteed entry into graduate and professional pathways

Domestic and international students who complete an Australian Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma could be eligible for a guaranteed place in a graduate course, subject to meeting prerequisites and their ATAR score.

Current undergraduate students may also be eligible for a guaranteed entry into their preferred graduate degree.

  • Awarded based on academic merit to domestic and international students, guaranteed graduate entry doesn’t rely on your high school results. We focus on the work you’ve done here, with us.
  • You will have to make sure that you complete all graduate course prerequisites throughout your undergraduate studies, so it is important to understand what you’ll need to study for your preferred course. Find out more.
Graduate Degree Packages

If you’re a high achieving high school student and are confident about the study pathway you want to follow, you can secure your place in Bachelor of Commerce and a professional graduate degree before you arrive to Melbourne.

These Graduate Degree Packages are available to apply for through VTAC with unique codes:

Honours and graduate research

Honours is an optional fourth year of study that gives you the opportunity to draw together your undergraduate studies and focus on an exciting piece of original research thesis and complete advanced level subjects. Honours can prepare you for employment or graduate research.

  • Offered in Actuarial Studies, Economics and Finance.

If you’re interested in becoming an expert in your field and showing how business and economics research can make a positive impact on society and industry, one of our seven doctoral programs in business and economics disciplines might be for you. The doctoral programs in management and marketing do not require an honours year to be considered for entry.

Please note all award courses offered by the Department of Accounting at the University of Melbourne are currently undergoing standard reaccreditation with CPA and CAANZ.  We anticipate receiving the outcome by June 2022


Priyanka Banerjee

“I’ve always wanted to study law, it’s true, but there were other things and ideas I wanted to explore first. I’d actually taken a couple of classes at Melbourne as part of a high school extension program, so I was sort of familiar with the campus culture. I was impressed with the Melbourne model, it felt like it would give me a chance to expand my knowledge and build some expertise in something before I went on to study law.”

Read more about Priyanka's path from commerce to law.

Graduate pathways

Once you've completed your undergraduate degree, you can go on to gain employment or begin a graduate degree and work towards a professional qualification such as law, engineering or medicine. Or you could join our graduate research community and contribute to our world-changing research.

Your graduate degree will be internationally recognised, and set you apart from those who study a traditional Australian single or double degree.

Explore the graduate pathways available once you complete your undergraduate degree here.