Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting)

  • CRICOS Code: 094861K
  • VTAC Code: 3800610071
  • International VTAC Code: 3800610073

What will I study?


The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) provides a studio-based learning environment where students are encouraged to develop holistically as an actor.

The program focuses on the rigorous preparation of actors working across all areas of the profession for stage and screen (including animation and gaming) offering units of requisite size and scale to accommodate the demands of intensive project based learning outcomes, exposing students to current infrastructural, cultural and methodological practices in the profession. It offers students opportunity to engage in National and International engagement projects, building on existing expertise and approaches to industry readiness for the autonomous, ensemble and company actor.

Intended learning outcomes

  • Students will develop the cognitive skills necessary to critically analyse, consolidate and synthesise a body of knowledge central to the discourse and practice of Acting.
  • Students will develop practical and technical skills necessary to demonstrate a broad understanding of the Acting profession with depth into areas of Voice and Body Training, Text Analysis and Contemporary Performance across stage and screen.
  • Students will develop communication skills to present a clear, coherent and independent exposition of knowledge and sensibilities central to Acting and Performance
  • Students will develop the creative skills necessary to exercise critical thinking and judgment in identifying and solving problems within the discipline of Acting with intellectual independence

Subjects in focus

Body and Voice

Develop a functional, efficient and flexible voice and body by addressing idiosyncratic habits that affect the moving and speaking performer. You are trained to possess physical awareness of breath in the body, muscularity, resonance, active listening and kinaesthetic awareness. You will experiment with physical improvisation, dynamic imagery, mask work, clowning and rhythmical play to activate sensory perception. This unit is co-delivered with Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre) students.

Watch Senior Lecturer in Voice Leith McPherson explain the pitfalls of trying to imitate an Australian accent, and how to avoid them:

Acting Lab 3

Adapt and reframe skills you have acquired in the performance of contemporary and/or classical material led by external professional artists. You also perform in an original web series produced by Film and Television students in collaboration with VCA Production and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music students.

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300 Credit point program

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