Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting)

  • CRICOS code: 094861K
  • VTAC code: 3800610071
  • International VTAC code: 3800610073

Where will this take me?



Our graduates work at all levels of the theatre, film and television industries, and are renowned for their capacity to work creatively and collaboratively, in both traditional and ground-breaking performance contexts. Students establish careers in professional theatre, community arts and education, film, television, radio, new media and education.

If the world's your stage, gain a career in a diverse range of fields, including:

  • Professional theatre
  • Community arts & education
  • Film
  • Television
  • Radio
  • New media
  • Education


Roles as an actor (excuse the pun), include:

  • Film actor
  • Television actor
  • Theatre actor
  • Acting coach

Tom Richards

Tom Richards, BFA (Acting) graduate

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) gave me confidence in my own ability to create work from scratch, and I’ve developed skills to turn to when I’m struggling with my work. But I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that everyone is interesting in their own way – that all actions are interesting. When we’re curious about the world around us our experience changes dramatically and ultimately becomes a lot more enjoyable.

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