Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation)

    • CRICOS Code: 093582C
    • VTAC Code: 3800639071
    • International VTAC Code: 3800639073

    What will I study?


    Course structure

    In first year, you will be exposed to a wide range of animation techniques and historical and contemporary animation contexts. You’ll have the opportunity to test your ideas, experiment and build foundational practical skills. In second year, there is a focus on characters, worlds, culture and collaboration. Project work requires greater attention to detail, increased complexity, and a heightened level of sophistication in the development of individual style and expression.

    By third year, you will consolidate your own voice, style and animation skills. You will research, write, develop and produce an animation production of professional broadcast quality and prepare strategies for exhibition and dissemination of your work.

    You will have access to professional facilities and resources, including animation and stop-motion studios; rushes viewing rooms; editing, sound recording and mixing suites; 90 and 220-seat cinemas; professional production equipment; and HD digital vision and audio post-production facilities.

    Subjects in focus

    Animation Studio 1

    Provides a practical, production-based learning experience to develop knowledge and skills in seeing an animation production through all stages of development, production and post-production. Students produce a short animated project from script to screen.

    Writing Animation 1

    Provides an introduction to storytelling, narrative and non-narrative structures, characters and worlds, with an emphasis on understanding your writing in a historical context.

    Animation Lab 2

    Through experimentation and individual and collaborative projects you will investigate the relationships and possibilities that arise from the interaction of sound, music and animation over a wide range of forms – from visual music to opera and music videos.

    Animation Lab 3

    Studies the concept and design of animation material for public exhibitions in new and emerging screen contexts including galleries, public spaces, live performances, games and online.

    Animation Studio 3

    Students write, direct and animate a short production to industry standard. You will go further into character and world design, animation performance, animation tests and animation direction, and work with actors and composers that will mirror professional practice.

    Collaborative Production

    An experiential introduction to working collaboratively with related disciplines to plan and execute a project with a negotiated animation component.

    Time commitment

    Classes run from Monday to Thursday, with 20 formal contact hours and 20 hours of unsupervised studio time per week.