Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production)

    • CRICOS Code: 093586K
    • VTAC Code: 3800638961
    • International VTAC Code: 3800638963

    The experience


    As a Design and Production student, you will experience a varied and collaborative practical training environment. You will work in a broad range of technical or design roles across all areas of the performing arts, as well as VCA film and television, with the opportunity to specialise in your specific area of interest.

    Develop practical skills

    Studying on a campus which offers intensive, practical experience in all areas of the performing arts, as a VCA Design and Production students you are well-placed to explore your interests – and cultivate new ones. With ongoing opportunities to work on VCA Dance, Theatre, Music Theatre performances, as well as VCA Film and Television student films, you are able to hone your technical skills while developing your creative voice.

    Collaborative creativity and international experiences

    Collaboration is key, and this sets you up as a graduate with invaluable skills as you enter the profession. International experiences are embedded into the program, and you can elect to enrol in up to two subjects delivered overseas, including the 2021 World Stage Design Festival in Canada.

    Industry connections

    In your final year, all students undertake an industry internship where you are attached to an arts company, organisation or individual practitioner. This professional experience provides you as a graduate with the industry insights and networking opportunities required to successfully pursue a career in your chosen area of specialisation.