Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television)

    • CRICOS Code: 093584A
    • VTAC Code: 3800638941
    • International VTAC Code: 3800638943

    What will I study?


    As a Film and Television student, you will develop your creative, technical and analytical skills through lectures, workshops and master classes. To develop your individual creative voice, you write, direct and edit your own work, as well as crew on fellow students’ productions – helping you to build a strong practical foundation and valuable peer networks. Students are also given the opportunity to collaborate with peers from the Screenwriting, Acting, Producing and Production disciplines, which often leads to long-term creative relationships. You are encouraged to be innovative and experimental, and to develop the expertise to express your concepts effectively.

    In your final year, you’ll channel your writing and directing skills into a major production that is screened publicly at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image as part of a graduate film event.

    Throughout the course, you will gain practical screen production with an emphasis on screenwriting, direction and editing.

    Subjects in focus

    Languages of the screen

    Introduces you to critical practices and concepts in the motion picture and television industries. You will learn practical grammar of the screen through lectures, seminars and actor/director workshops with guest lecturers from the industry.

    Screenwriting 2

    Incorporates lectures, script readings, group discussions and film screenings for the analysis of feature screenplays in preparation for presentations in class. You will also undertake the writing of a short script for a production exercise.

    Screen practice 3

    Consolidates your creative, technical and leadership skills through two major narrative film projects. In the first, you will take a leadership role on the creation of a web series that draws together creative disciplines from across the University. The second is a capstone, graduate short film you will realise from concept through to completion. Your collaborative filmmaking experience will further be enhanced by crewing on student films. The year-long subject will conclude with the presentation of your graduate film at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

    Screen culture and Aesthetics 3

    Allows you to critically investigate screenwriters and directors who have challenged the assumptions of conventional narrative, with a particular emphasis on performance. You investigate a range of performance styles that can be applied to your own production work including the body, the voice, melodrama, realism, method, Brecht, and more.

    Presentation and Marketing

    Enhances your ability to present your work and yourself as a director in the independent film production industry via the development of integrated marketing communication strategies.

    Film & television acting and crewing

    Film and Television offer acting and crewing opportunities on our student productions to those wanting to gain on-set experience, or further develop their craft.

    Find out more about acting and crewing opportunities.

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