Bachelor of Fine Arts (Theatre)

  • CRICOS code: 094860M
  • VTAC code: 3800610081
  • International VTAC code: 3800610083

Where will this take me?



Our graduates work at all levels of the theatre, film and television industries, and are renowned for their capacity to work creatively and collaboratively, in both traditional and ground-breaking performance contexts within the multifaceted theatre industry in the Asia-Pacific and beyond as:

  • Actors and performers
  • Devisers and theatre-makers
  • Community Cultural Development Artists

Henry Kelly

Meet our graduate Henry Kelly

Henry Kelly graduated from the first cohort of the re-imagined Bachelor of Fine Art (Theatre) course at the Victorian College of the Arts. Life has presented many highs and lows since graduating, including a trip to Taipei and a broken wrist – but that hasn't stopped him creating.

It’s been a whirlwind! Directly after finishing my course, I was lucky enough to travel to Taipei with the University of Melbourne to participate in Camping Asia – an international workshop series. Here we collaborated with fine arts students from around the globe, as well as taking classes with professional artists. I came home only to break my wrist at a Carly Rae Jepsen concert the very next day, which I think was a way of the universe telling me to stop, and take some time to rest and reflect on the huge three years I’d just had. I’m definitely guilty of tying my worth as an artist to how many projects I’ve got going on at one time, so a big part of this year was learning how to slow down and be present with what I’m working on.

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