Bachelor of Music (Music Studies)

  • CRICOS code: 058837J
  • VTAC code: 3800638231
  • International VTAC code: 3800638233

Where will this take me?


Whichever major you choose to pursue in the Bachelor of Music, you will enjoy a wide range of employment options in a range of different industries. Explore some of the careers our graduates have moved into after graduating below.

Careers in: Music Studies

The Music Studies Major is the most flexible pathway within the Bachelor of Music and so offers more career paths than you can imagine, including:

  • Arts administration
  • Music journalism
  • Project management
  • Running orchestras and other major ensemble groups

With further study, you could also pursue careers in music teaching, music psychology, music therapy and as a music librarian.

Further study options

You have the flexibility to enter the workforce straight from your undergraduate degree, or you may choose to progress to a fourth-year Honours degree.

Honours is an intensive and highly specialised one-year program designed to draw together your previous studies and focus your knowledge, skills and intellect, allowing you to master your field of knowledge and create a pathway into advanced graduate study options in music.