Bachelor of Music (Performance/ Composition/ Musicology/ Ethnomusicology Specialisation)

    • CRICOS Code: 058837J
    • VTAC Code: 3800638231
    • International VTAC Code: 3800638233

    What will I study?


    Students undertake a performance-based first year to hone music performance and applied music skills alongside historical, contextual, theoretical and aural learning. An extensive range of music electives and breadth study options allow you to tailor the program to suit your specialisation and area of interest as you move through the curriculum.

    From second year your focus can remain heavily performance-based, shift to Musicology or Ethnomusicology, or you can apply for the Composition specialisation, all with flexibility to keep your career pathway and graduate study options open. Aspiring professional performing musicians can expand their performance opportunities and training in music performance from year two.

    Music performance

    Music Performance is a flexible program tailored to meet your musical interests, skills and career pathways.

    Choose your instrument

    The specialisation centres on the study of a chosen instrument to develop the professional level skills expected of a performing artist. Music Performance students specialise in, or work across areas as diverse as solo, chamber music, orchestral, early music and new music settings.


    Composition is grounded within the Western notated art music tradition, while also engaging in dialogue with other contemporary musical practices.

    Available by application only as a specialisation from year two, composition students learn instrumental and vocal writing, orchestration, electro-acoustic music, professional score presentation, rehearsal skills and concert management.

    Musicology and ethnomusicology

    Musicology students examine why people like music, how it functions, and why it is so important. Through a broad range of music studies and academic electives you'll study music in a range of historical forms, styles, genres and traditions.