Bachelor of Science (Extended)

  • VTAC Code: 3800510021
  • International VTAC Code: NA

What will I study?


Course Structure

The aim of the first two years of study is to build a strong foundation for success in science study. You will focus on practical workshops and tailored academic support through a number of science mathematics and communications subjects that are only available in this program.

First-year foundation

The first year of the degree is taken full-time. The integrated science subjects, (as well as mathematics and communication subjects) will cultivate and refine your academic skills, and provide you with a strong foundation for the rest of your degree.

In first year, you will also have the opportunity to complete one science, mathematics or technology subject each semester. This will enable you to prepare for the subsequent years of your science studies.

Once you have completed the first year of your degree, you will move to a standard Bachelor of Science course structure.

Practical workshops

The first two years of your study, you will be focusing on practical workshops and tailored academic support through a number of science, mathematics and communication subjects that are only available in the Extended program. Once you have established your foundation in science, you embark on further subjects available in the standard Bachelor of Science program.

Residential support

A key feature of this program is the residential component is that you will live in University residential colleges in their first year, and benefit from the extra support and opportunities offered as part of this experience.

Find out more about University college life from the Residential Colleges of the University of Melbourne website.

Majors (focus your undergraduate degree)

The Bachelor of Science offers a huge range of majors across all areas of science, so you can tailor your degree to meet your interests and goals. Choose from over 40 majors ranging from life science to information technology, earth science to engineering systems. If you love animals you can pursue veterinary science, or if you're interested in health you might move towards medicine, physiotherapy or biotechnology. As a graduate, you'll be able to enter your chosen career or study further in a graduate program.

Sample course plan

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