Bachelor of Science

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The experience


University life is not just about going to class and studying for exams. The best way to make the most of your time on campus is by taking advantage of all that the University of Melbourne has to offer, be it through complementary academic study, exchange and study abroad opportunities, or student clubs and societies.

Your learning spaces

At our Western Edge life sciences complex, more than 700 students a day in the STEMM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine – fields will be learning in the new four-level, 6-star Green Star building on Royal Parade.

To find out more about this building and the innovative project behind it, view the Western Edge Bioscience video.

Exchange and Study Abroad

We encourage all Bachelor of Science students to undertake part of your degree overseas. By doing so, you can immerse yourself in a different social, cultural and intellectual scene, with the chance to add an international perspective to your studies. You can study overseas either as an exchange student or a study abroad student.


Local and international internships provide you with the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills you have developed in your course with genuine work experience. In addition to developing employability skills, you will improve your knowledge of how science and technology can be applied in different organisations and explore potential career paths. We encourage our students to consider placements or internships throughout their degree to gain important experience in industry and we will let you know about these opportunities when they are available. You will also be able to enrol in a research or internship subject during your third year.

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Industry seminars and events

There are many opportunities to network and build connections while you’re at university, and it’s never too early to start thinking about your career. The Faculty of Science’s Industry and Career Seminar Series brings together guests from a range of public and private enterprises to talk about their experiences and share insights into the industry. Past panelists include representatives from Arup, IBM, PWC, EPA, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, CSL, and the Burnet Institute.

Map your future

Map Your Future is an opportunity to consider your future at any stage of your degree, whether you’re course planning and choosing your major, seeking employment or moving on to further study (coursework and research). Take the time to hear from staff across the University who can help you understand all of your options.

Map your future

Science festival

While there are plenty of academic and professional opportunities for you to take advantage of during your time at university, there is also plenty of fun to be had! Science Festival runs during National Science Week each year and features guest speakers, science displays, workshops, activities and much more. You can take it all in as an attendee or you can get involved right from the start and help to organise and host an event, building contacts and making friends.

Learn more about the Science Festival

Startup support

The Melbourne Accelerator Program is the University’s startup incubator, offering mentorship, seed funding and support to nurture our student and graduate entrepreneurs.

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Volunteering opportunities

There are many volunteering opportunities available for Science students, including In2Science, a classroom-based mentoring program for Year 8 and 9 maths and science students, and orientation events, such as group leading and peer mentoring. There are many other events throughout the year that also require students – all of them a great way to work on your communication and leadership skills.

Student clubs and societies

Joining a club or society allows you to to continue some of the extracurricular activities you already love, find a new interest or meet like-minded friends from within or outside of your degree. The University has over 200 clubs and societies, so find those that fit your interests, join up and get involved! For instance, Pre-ENG is a club for students undertaking one of our Engineering Systems majors. Also look out for the Science Students’ Society’s events and activities that are run throughout the year, including free fortnightly barbecues for our students!

View the Universities list of clubs & societies

Science day 1

We want to make sure you feel prepared for your degree from day one. Science Day 1 is your academic orientation day, introducing you to the structure of the Bachelor of Science. You’ll get information on what’s available in the degree, subject planning ideas and the opportunity to meet staff and other Science students.


Connect with an industry mentor who will share their experience of transitioning to work, advise you on career options and help you build your professional network.

Job Ready

Job Ready is an optional, free, eightweek program that will develop your communication skills and enhance your employability so you’ll stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. For an hour each week, you will learn and practise communication in multiple modes to a variety of audiences. Not only will this help you in your studies, you will come away with the skills you need to effectively communicate your achievements and talents to employers.

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